The way of life

Are you happy now?




You live now, and is it possible to feel some happiness?


Are there any targets?



I think there are a lot of people who pass busy every day without the room where they think such thing to be sending every day, too.


If doing the same thing at all, it's better to be even a little creative 1 day, (o^-^o) Niko.


I think the life I consider is a repeat of a collapse and recovery.


I suffer from an end joint in a life in case of a wall, suffer and enter the new world beyond a wall.


Man is growing by repeating this.


When I say conversely, it can't grow by the meaning that a collapse is true when I'm inexperienced.


Because spicy concern was done, it's possible to know the pain of the person and appreciate.


I'm thinking there is a process as this collapse in the preliminary step to get the gentleness.


Such, I'll send the word to make the life even a little creative to everyone who has got over various walls so far.



As a result of the life and the work, the= thought x enthusiasm x ability



This word is Mr. Inamori's policy written by a book of Kyocera founder and Mr. Kazuo Inamori "life-style".


A result of the life and the work is made of an idea, enthusiasm and 3 elements of the ability, and when a result follows naturally when it's steady, this says an axis here. First it's introduced about these 3 points.


(1) Idea (-100-+100)


I have this idea from reduction to addition, and it's the important point which influences the whole result.


When an idea here was minus temporarily, the whole product also becomes minus. Even if there are much enthusiasm and ability explained later, when I have a minus idea, the whole vector is the important point which points negatively.


Importance of the plus thought is often called, but you know well how long a way of thinking is put in the important position when it's explained this, right?


(2) Enthusiasm (0 -+100)


Next it's enthusiasm. Even if however good idea and ability are kept, when you're languid, a matter doesn't move, does it?


This enthusiasm is also important so that everything may be called a mind to do. What, because the power is necessary (⌒∇⌒) even if it does.


(3) The ability (0 -+100)


It's the ability at the end. This is also an important point.


When not understanding a method, what does a matter keep wandering even if it does?


It's tied with an advance to acquire knowledge as expected, isn't it?

Encounter with me and this idea

It was when I was a high school second year student, that I met this idea.




A teacher in charge informed me about this idea during a session of an identity a session of ethics in it.


I who drew to the end also worried about my course 3rd grader during such.


While everyone was deciding about course, I was the situation that the course decided once can't help be given up, and I had to change my mind about course in a hurry and it was.



Should you advance towards the direction where you'd like to send yourself just as it is?


Or should you advance towards the steady direction?


A conclusion that it was steady in itself which of these two to choose has not gone out.



The one remembered at such time was this talk during a session of 2 years of ethics.


"NA which had not read this book accurately yet when saying so,"


I who thought so suddenly bought this book for the school way back at a bookstore.


To be honest, when I had this book in my hand, it was the time which had begun to be desperate.





A head showed then that it was bad just as it is by itself, too.


But already, even how, no, it wasn't possible to suppress oneself who becomes negligent.


I decided to read "life-style" to change such oneself.


To change wasted oneself even a little.




It changes after it's read.

 I could make myself who read this book and gave himself up to desperation do a little calmly.


This book gave the good trigger which makes itself active to me in order to advance towards the next step.


I came to feel however important whether a way of thinking as "equation in a life" be after I came to work as a member of society.

I said "Because everyone is good at the head's corner, too, because this idea is very useful after he becomes a working member of society, I want you to remember." and talked about this idea.


Even if a year was taking notes of this talk in a pocket diary then and changed, I noted down that in a pocket diary, was doing in the state seen anytime, put it and was seeing on occasion.





When working as expected, reason no-dedication is a devil. This way of thinking becomes indispensable for work to make itself even a little creative.


I, this idea, i, please, work could enjoy now itself and after I came to work I came always to think I'll plan for my skill rise.


Could you read this book by all means in the way where a member of society debuts, it's a book.

I think a member of society could read this book by the timing which debuts, and it was really good, too.


Even if I say the Bible for living as a member of society and going, it isn't exaggerated.


To make every day creative.







There is nothing wonderful creative every day✨.


If it's the same 24 hours at all, even a little creative one is preferred, isn't it?


"Equation in a life" is hoping to spread even a little to make such creative every day🎶,🎶.